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"The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think."
Gregory Bateson

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Natural Consensus

Copyright 2001, Dave Ewoldt and Allison Weeks-Ewoldt

   Above the ground swell of cultural change that is currently sweeping the planet, a cry for help has been heard: "How can we build consensus among the diversity of social and environmental activist groups all ultimately working toward a common goal of a peaceful, sustainable planet?" "How can we support our individual paths and single issue efforts while we work toward the common good of the Global Life Community?" And even, "How can my own group more readily come to consensus?"

   The answer to these questions is one and the same: The Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP), an easy to learn and share method that has been successfully used to build group consensus within communities of divergent folk in numerous settings.

   The NSTP gets all the group members coming from the 'same page,' even as they express that essence in different ways and attractions. It's much easier to get beyond ego-based misunderstandings when everyone experiences their unity in Nature together and then senses and shares their natural attractions.

   How does the Process work?

   The NSTP teaches participants how to access and use all 53 of their senses in a holistic balance. This widens our range of sensitivity and appreciation, reducing unwarranted stress or a narrow focus of concentrating on only one aspect of an issue.

   As each individual expresses what is naturally attractive in the moment, everyone's mutual attraction to the well-being of the group itself enables the emergent strengths and well-being of the community to outweigh individual desires.

   Nature's love and wisdom guides us not only personally but in our relationships with all others, including other humans--and enables us to co-create a supportive atmosphere in which people can gain moment by moment sensory fulfillment which leads 'naturally' to the benefit of All.

   Elements of the Natural Systems Thinking Process include:

  • Thankfully asking for support and permission from Nature and one another;
  • Creating an open and honest group atmosphere;
  • Consenting to finding individual and common attractions in Nature;
  • and Supporting and being supported.

   This process itself then becomes a common natural attraction that can continue to help build consensus over time.

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"You didn't come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here."
Alan Watts


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