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"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Holistic Living Institute Course and Workshop Registration Form

Please print this form and mail in with your deposit fee.

(or download the Microsoft Word2000 version)

Which HLI course and date are you registering for?
___ HSD Component #1 Organic Psychology (OP), Date______________
___ HSD Component #2 Urban Permaculture (UP), Date______________
___ HSD Component #3 Processes for Social Change (PSC), Date______________
___ HSD Introductory Workshop, Date______________
___ Other workshop ___________________, Date______________

Home Phone______________________________________________
Work Phone______________________________________________

How to Register

   Simply send this registration form and the required registration fee to reserve your space. The registration fee is $25.00 for the HSD Introductory Workshop and $100 per component of the HSD course, or you may send your full payment so you don't have to worry about it later. The other workshops don't require a preregistration fee, just the above registration form itself.

Deadline Details

   Regular registration closes the first of the month for that month's courses:

  • IF we have space, late registration is possible. Full payment is required if you register after the registration deadline.
  • Tuition balance for ALL registrants is due by the registration deadline.

   Make deposit and tuition checks payable to Attraction Retreat & mail to:

Attraction Retreat
1811 Eldridge Ave.
Bellingham, WA 98225

   The tuition fee includes classes, daily lunches and snacks, and course materials for the HSD components and the one day HSD introductory workshop. It does not include travel or personal expenses. Limited hostel-style lodging and some tent camping is available for $20 per night, and an optional evening meal that will be planned, purchased, prepared, and cleaned up after by participants according to the Natural Consensus process is highly recommended. Previous course participants have said the evening sharing is one of the best parts of the experience.

Refund Policy

   The registration fee, which is refundable with two weeks notice or under special circumstances, is required to reserve your space. In the unlikely event that we must cancel the course, all monies paid, including your deposit, will be refunded. Full payment is required by the registration deadline, or you may forfeit your reserved spot and your deposit.

I have read and understood the REFUND policy.
(signature required)


   Our basic accommodation option is a shared, hostel style room. There MAY be a few other possibilities, particularly for early registrants. Please let us know if the following applies to you:

____ I have special needs (e.g., sleep disorder).
____ My partner and I are both enrolled and wish to share a double bed.
Name of partner: _____________________


   Please car pool or use alternate transportation whenever possible to reduce global warming. Let us know the following:

____I am interested in carpooling and would like contact info for other registrants in my area. I hope to GET a ride from____________(area) and/or I can OFFER a ride to____(number) people from____________.

Note: Attraction Retreat cannot guarantee that there will be carpool rides for everyone who wants one.

____I will take the shuttle bus from the airport and would like information about fares and schedules. (Someone from Attraction Retreat will be available to bring you from the airporter bus-stop to our community.)

Food Needs:

____I am vegetarian.
____I am vegan.
____I am omnivorous.
Please describe food allergies, special needs, & must-haves: ___________________________________________________________

   Food Notes: If you have a severe, life-threatening food allergy (such as peanuts), be sure we know! The daily lunches and snacks will be vegetarian, and organic to the greatest extent possible, with a vegan/raw food meal once a week. We serve meat options for omnivores several times a week, but not daily. For those with special food needs (e.g., no wheat, no dairy), we will make every effort to assure that you will have an alternative selection. While we can adapt planned meals for many special needs, the kitchen staff will not be able to prepare personal meals to accommodate every diet. If your needs are highly individual, please let us know so that we can discuss options with you. You may bring additional food with you and store in our kitchen. The local Food Co-op is one mile away.

Physical Special Needs:

   Most of the facilities are on level ground and could be wheelchair accessible, but the EcoIntegrity Center is in an old, three-story victorian with steps leading to the front and back porches. Some of the work and class content might not be easily accessed in a wheelchair--but we'll try! If you have any physical special needs or are differently abled, please let us know.


I heard about Attraction Retreat's Holistic Design course from:
____Word of mouth (please provide name of group or friend who told you about us)
____E-mail (which list?) __________________________________
____Advertisement in ______________________________________
____Brochure received at __________________________________
____Online at _____________________________________________
____At a talk given by_____________________________________
      at (location) _______________

Thank you for completing this registration form. We look forward to seeing you soon!


"The hottest fires in hell are reserved for those who remain neutral in times of moral crisis"
Edmund Burke


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